In case you couldn't tell, Xavetar is the one who isn't wearing a straw hat.

“True love will find you only when you stop looking for it.”

Xavetar is a character in The Cave. He is an animatronic fortune teller in the Carnival that will give at least two different warnings to whichever character activates him, hinting at their specific dark deed  - Some more blatant than others.  He needs a Fuse Box to be activated.  He also reveals the needed clue the player needs in order to win Barker's Wheel of Misfortune game through the color of his eyes and crystal ball, which will be the color the player must choose for the next spin.  Once someone spins the Wheel of Misfortune, and wins, Xavetar will no longer tell a character's fortune.


The Knight

"Honesty is a virtue with unequalled rewards."

"You can fool most people most of the time... But you can never fool yourself."

The Hillbilly

"Your love burns so bright... It is blinding you."

"True love will find you only when you stop searching for it."

The Adventurer

"Your most valuable treasure can be found in friendship."

"Greed is a path that leads to poverty of the soul."

The Scientist

"The beauty of science is in its service to mankind."

"Knowledge is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands."

The Time Traveller

"To forgive is divine."

"It is folly to attempt to control the future."

The Twins

"You are poisoning your future."

"A parent's love is unconditional."

The Monk

"Haste and ambition ill suit a traveller of the mind."

"Patience is the true path to wisdom."


  • In order to earn the Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies! achievement, a player needs to have Xavetar predict the future of each individual character.