“They just want to go outside and play. What could be more innocent than that?” — The Cave

The Twins are a duo that act as one playable character in The Cave

The Twins-360

I'm sure they're just not getting enough sleep.

Ability Edit

The Twins' special ability is called Ghost. Using it allows the Twins to leave behind a projection of themselves which is stuck doing whatever they were when the power was activated. This becomes very helpful for lever or pressure plate puzzles that would normally require two characters. Unfortunately, the projection only lasts as long as The Twins are within a certain radius - Moving too far away will cause it to dissipate.

Backstory Edit

The Twins were a pair of spoiled children kept in a boring middle class Victorian House, who sought to entertain themselves with progressively more dangerous forms of mischief, from knocking over a chair their Daddy was standing on whilst changing a lightbulb, to using their toys to trip their Mummy down the stairs. Eventually concluding that their parents were getting in the way of their fun, they eventually attempt to poison them by putting Rat Poison in the soup their mother is cooking, hoping to eliminate both parents at once. Depending on how the player completes their journey through The Cave, their ensuing dinner can have one of two different results.

Corruption: Forced by their parents to eat their dinner, the entire family dies a painful, rat poison-induced death.

Redemption: Finally realising a shred of humanity, they throw the soup to the floor, stopping their parents from eating it. Apologising, they hug their mother and father, who are still somewhat baffled by the attempted parricide.


  • The Twins' Object of Desire is Rat Poison, representing their willingness to kill in order to get what they want.
  • Whilst The Twins' appearance and ability suggest a supernatural, potentially undead nature, they are just as vulnerable to dying as any other character.
  • The Twins weigh 114, making them (unsurprisingly) the lightest character(s).
  • They’re the youngest character(s) in the game.

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