The Time Traveller-360

What possible harm could a sore loser with a time machine do?

The Time Traveller is a playable character in The Cave.


The Time Traveller's special ability is phasing, which allows her to travel a short distance whilst passing through any partially-open barrier, such as a gate, a grating, or a transparent barrier. Although ineffectual as an alternative to jumping, it has its use as a means of finding shortcuts.


The Time Traveller hails from the year 2701 AD, a strange and distant future, where lasers, hovercars and hoverboots are the norm. She's a hard-working employee of The Museum of Ancient History, where her efforts are unfortunately left unappreciated due to an apparently egotistical big-nosed co-worker, who has been given a promotion for being the Greatest Employee of All Time. Although she hides it on the surface, the Time Traveller has a deep a bitter loathing of this rival, extending even to his ancestors, and plots to get rid of him once and for all. Sneaking into the Museum at night, she steals an 'ancient' Time Machine, and goes to a prehistoric era, preparing to kill his earliest ancestor with some form of laser dagger. Depending on how the player completes her journey through The Cave, her plot will reach one of two different conclusions.

Corruption: Going through with her plot, she murders the caveman, destroying her rival's entire family line in the process, essentially erasing him from history. Failing to take into account the possibility of her altering the timeline however, upon her return, she is shocked to find herself in an unfamiliar, dark, dystopic future.

Redemption: Unable to go through with the cold-blooded murder of an innocent man, the Time Traveller returns to the future. Getting over her grudge, she congratulates her former rival for his accomplishment, discovering a new sense of satisfaction with her occupation.


  • The Time Traveller's Object of Desire is an award, representing her potential for becoming Greatest Employee of All Time if she removes the competition.
  • The Time Traveller weighs 194, most of this weight probably being due to her bulky attire.
  • Interestingly, if she keeps moving in the same direction without stopping, she can levitate over flat pools of water without falling in. This could potentially make her faster at traversing The Cave than the other spelunkers.