The Cave is the titular location of videogame The Cave, but is also a sapient entity. It has a sultry voice (Provided by voice actor Stephen Stanton in English, Banjo Ginga in Japanese) that narrates as the player progresses.


The Cave is a (Presumably) supernatural location has existed for thousands of years. A sort of legendary chasm where a person can find their deepest, darkest desire, it draws in people from all reaches of time and space, and not in any particular order. Many search its depths, and whilst few find what they're looking for, even fewer ever leave, often becoming trapped within, their desires making them unable to leave. Despite this, The Cave isn't, strictly speaking, an evil entity, placing value on the good in human nature, despite holding an incredibly pessimistic view of the humans that come to it, and an exceptionally dark sense of humor. In it's own words, it's just a spectator.


  • Once had Isaac Newton as a spelunker.
  • Has apparently (And unsurprisingly) been sued in the past.
  • Doesn't like the Zoo anymore.
  • Being a talking cave 'makes dating hell'.