The Scientist is a playable character in The Cave.

The Scientist-360

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The Scientist's special ability is her mastery of Hacking, which allows her to open doors or trigger scripted events which enable further progression through the level. Though many number of computer consoles are located throughout The Cave, any of which can be hacked by The Scientist, however this is the limit of her ability, making it useless wherever there aren't computers available.


Working on experimental research in the lab one day, The Scientist makes an incredible breakthrough, discovering a way of creating unlimited energy. As a result of this brilliant work, she receives various scientific awards and worldwide recognition as one of the greatest minds of her time. In short order her expertise is in demand by numerous organizations, all of which offer her generous financial incentives. However, as money begins to corrupt her, she eventually turns to the only organisation with a virtually unlimited budget - The military, who offer a vast fortune in return for her building them a weapon of mass destruction. Depending on how the player completes her journey through The Cave, The Scientist's decision will differ.

Corruption: She accepts the proposition, the military launching the weapon and causing nuclear devastation. Sipping cocktails in the Bahamas however, The Scientist appears wholly indifferent to the suffering brought about by her work.

Redemption: She refuses the military's offer, destroying the blueprints of the weapon. Walking happily through the park of a Utopian city brought about by her discovery, she is content to use her genius to build a better future.


  • The Scientist's Object of Desire is a Bag of Money, representing the selfish and irresponsible greed she is being consumed by.
  • Her story may be loosely based on Albert Einstein, he made a great discovery, which helped in the invention of nuclear energy and weaponry.