Ron Gilbert
Ron Gilbert is an American computer game designer, programmer, and producer, best known for his work on several classic LucasArts adventure games, including Maniac Mansion and the first two Monkey Island games. His games are generally focused on interactive storytelling. Additionally, Ron founded Hulabee Entertainment with Shelley Day after leaving Humongous Entertainment. He was Creative Director at Vancouver-based Hothead Games development studio. He is currently working at Double Fine Productions, with former LucasArts writer/programmer/designer Tim Schafer.

Career Edit

In September 2010, it was revealed that Gilbert had been hired by fellow former LucasArts game designer Tim Schafer, to work at Schafer's own Double Fine Productions. While it has not yet been announced what game Gilbert is working on, he has said that it will be "an entirely new concept" and that "fans of those old adventure games will like it".

In February 2012, Tim Schafer confirmed he will be working with Ron Gilbert on a new adventure game. In May 2012 the game was revealed as The Cave, it will be developed by Double Fine Productions and published as a downloadable title by Sega in 2013. Development