The Princess-360

She just wants to be an electrical engineer.

The Princess (Voiced by Grey DeLisle in English, Hiroko Ushida in Japanese) is The King's prickly daughter, encountered in the Castle area. Somewhat impatient and rude, she appears to carry a disliking for traditional heroes. In order to be permitted an attempt at claiming Excalibur, The Knight must obtain her amulet as a token of her affection. He fails.


Upon meeting the player outside her balcony, The Princess is clearly unimpressed, and tasks The Knight with slaying The Dragon and retrieving the Dragon's Treasure, in exchange for her amulet and 'undying love'. Of course, unable to fight a Dragon, The Knight instead sneaks in through the back door and steals the Dragon's Treasure, skipping the whole 'slay the beast' part. Unfortunately, forgetting to lock the gate afterwards, he unwittingly unleashes the Dragon, resulting in it killing everyone in the Castle and eating The Princess alive. Fortunately, The Dragon spits out the Bloody Amulet (Still covered in bits of Princess's corps), which The Knight can present to The King in order to lower the drawbridge leading to Excalibur.


The Princess is most probably based on The Knight's interpretation of the one seen in his memories (Via Cave Paintings), despite having a very different appearance. Seen alongside the King, she appears to disapprove of her father's solution for their dragon problem, that being relying on a single hero (And with good reason, considering the Knight's track record). Depending on the choice the Knight makes during his journey through The Cave, she either dies with the rest of her kingdom when he tries and fails to slay the dragon, or she becomes impressed by his honesty when he confesses that he isn't really a knight at all, possibly even developing feelings for him.

Trivia Edit

  • The Princess apparently dreams of becoming an electrical engineer.
  • While one character allows the player to get the dragon's treasure without ever opening the gate, the storyline proceeds as if the gate was opened anyway.