Well, at least it's kosher.

OMDOG is a type of vending machine, which is possibly an additional form of income to The Cave. A producer of hot dogs, it is the most plentiful source of food that can be found in the entire Cave. First located when finding the trinkets for The Gift Shop Clerk, then second whilst escaping the Zoo, both times it being needed to lure a certain Crystal Cave Monster into moving out of the way.


The first machine is used by placing a Fusebox in the slot next to it, getting a hot dog, and putting it in the pit of spikes. Later, The Monster, with putting the charger in the other slot, will eat it and with a certain routine, be hung by his tail.


  • The hot dogs this vending machine produces are The Crystal Cave Monster's favorite food.
  • They tend to require solving a puzzle in order to use them, from simply powering them up with a fusebox, to luring away a gun-crazed monster hunter with an audio recording.