*As the title tells* Mummy is The Twin's parents, she lives in a  Victorian House with her husband and spoiled children. She had 1 dog *that got replaced due to the Twins 'not liking it' as she says* and a cat *which can be found in the cave paintings*. Her and her husband often have to deal with the Twin's trouble making *or their plan to get rid of the parents* such as  knocking over a chair their Daddy was standing on whilst changing a light bulb and using their toys to trip their Mummy down the stairs.The Twins think that their parents are getting in the way of their fun, so they grab rat poison and pour it into Mummy's soup while shes not looking. The Twins will be forced into eating the soup and they can tell Mummy and Daddy that the soup is poisoned or they'll eat it with their parents and die.

In the Twin's stage the father blocks your exit from the mansion because its almost supper time, and the dog blocks you're way into the house *or the other 2 characters outside that aren't the twins*, you'll have to get him distracted with dog food to get them in and now you can solve the puzzles in the mansion with all 3 characters, Mummy tells the dog to calm down because of the last dog having to be replaced. At this time you can put Rat poison in the soup and poison your mom and dad.