The Monk-360

If you cheat on the water puzzle, you lack zen-ness.

The Monk is a playable character in The Cave.


The Monk's special ability is Telekinesis. By using it, he is able to move or grab objects (Or certain interactive parts of the environment) beyond the reach of other characters.


As a young boy, he is taken by the Master of the local temple to be trained in the ways of a monk. Sadly, the young apprentice demonstrates numerous character flaws that virtually guarantee his failure. He is uncoordinated, impatient, aggressive and vindictive. When his fellow students successfully graduate as monks, he does not.

Corruption:  The young man flies into an uncontrollable rage, and he vents his frustrations by karate-kicking a heavy jade dragon statue, which promptly shatters, killing the elderly Master. The monk then becomes the new master of a darker temple.

Redemption:  The monk chooses to calm himself and repress his anger, in time finding inner peace as he lets go of ambition, eventually succeeding at becoming a true monk.