“There is a time in every Man's life when he needs his three mine carts, and that time is now!”

The Miner is a character in The Cave. He is a particularly ill-tempered old
The Miner-360

Note the dynamite. He'll be throwing a lot of it.

prospector found in the Goldmine area, who appears to greatly value his three minecarts. Upon losing said minecarts, he will continuously throw dynamite at the unfortunate spelunkers whilst hurling various words of abuse, 'encouraging' them to bring the minecarts back.


Travelling through The Cave, the player uses a pair of levers to induce seismic activity, allowing them to cross a large pit of spikes safely. Unfortunately, this has unforeseen consequences of an ominous nature, as it results in The Miner losing his three minecarts in a colossal cave-in. Demanding that the protagonists 'make it good', he begins hurling dynamite, and will continue to do so until all three minecarts are returned to him. Fortunately, the player can use this dynamite to clear away caves blocked by the cave-in, allowing them to fully explore the Goldmine, accessing three simple puzzles that allow the safe return of the minecarts.

After returning all three (A minecart fulla gold, a minecart fulla vittles, and a special empty minecart), The Miner is overjoyed - Unfortunately, all the seismic activity, throwing of explosives and simple weight cause the minecart rail to collapse, dropping the minecarts (And the spelunkers) into the Egyptian area, much to The Miner's dismay.


  • Like The Hunter and The Hermit, The Miner was likely a former spelunker, trapped in The Cave after seeking his Object of Desire, which was (Unsurprisingly) a large Gold Nugget.
  • Upon first being encountered, The Miner will throw a bucket, a shovel, and a Can of Creamed Corn at the player. Whilst only the bucket and shovel are useful, he manages to inadvertently reveal the method of obtaining the Creamed Corn achievement, due to the likelihood of him blowing up the can with one of his sticks of dynamite.