The Knight-360

Nice sword... Just don't ask how he got it.

The Knight is a playable character in The Cave.


The Knight's special ability is to summon a Guardian Angel, making him invincible. However, this ability renders him immobile whilst in use, therefore is useless for evading permanent hazards, like spikes and lava.


The Knight's tale is one of chivalry and heroism. And lack thereof. One day, a courageous knight was riding through the land, when he suffered a fatal heart attack. The actual 'hero' of this tale was a peasant boy who happened to be picking radishes nearby. Realizing an opportunity to improve his social standing, the peasant boy stole the knight's armor and horse, becoming "The Knight". Unfortunately, The Knight didn't quite realize the responsibilities that came with knighthood, not to mention the combat experience needed. Choosing to avoid defending the innocent and fleeing from battles, his every attempt at heroism ended up being purely for show, still being no more than a common peasant in armor. Eventually his travels took him to a kingdom under threat from a dragon, where he was asked by The King (Alongside a less-than-enthusiastic Princess) to slay the beast and save the kingdom. Depending on how the player completes his journey through The Cave, The Knight's response will differ.

Corruption: The Knight accepts The King's quest, still clinging to the lie of being a hero. Greatly underestimating the situation however, he fails, leading to the destruction of the kingdom and everyone inside, the Knight included.

Redemption: The peasant confesses the truth about his facade as The Knight. Despite the deception however, his bravery in admitting the truth seems to impress both royal hosts, with The King leading his knights to fight the dragon, the former peasant boy apparently being among them, The Princess giving him a kiss on the cheek.


  • The Knight weighs 229, making him the heaviest character.
  • Technically the best character for earning the achievement Who Wants To Live Forever thanks to his ability to survive accidental falls, although the large number of potential hazards in his level are worth bearing in mind. Teaming up with The Monk allows the level to be completed with minimal risk.
  • Regardless of which group of characters you’re playing as, he is the first character level you come across.


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