The Swordeth in the Stoneth.

Excalibur is The Knight's Object of Desire, representing the pinacle of chivalry, nobility, and the entitlement of knighthood. As such, the Knight only gets his hands on it through lies and trickery, his incompetence costing many their lives.


A legendary blade, the entire of the Castle area revolves around the Knight's quest to acquire it, as in order to be given the chance to pull it out by The King, he needs to win the heart of The Princess, and in order to do that, he must slay The Dragon. Despite failing his quest horribly, the Knight manages to get his chance to obtain the sword, and sure enough, after cheating the test by mostly obliterating the stone with dynamite, he manages to pull it free and claim his undeserved prize. Unfortunately, he promptly loses it upon exiting the Castle area, dropping it in the pool that leads to the Hillbilly's Carnival.


  • Excalibur is an obvious reference to the legendary sword of Arthurian legend, befitting the theme of a knight on a quest. It also references another Arthurian sword, this being the sword Arthur pulled from a stone in order to prove his divine right as king. Even the method through which the Knight loses the sword (Dropping it in a pool) references how the sword was lost in the original legend.