The Cave Screenshot 4

It's pretty cool fire attack

The Crystal Cave Monster is a monster first seen sleeping in the introductory level, making a more substantial return in the Zoo.  It is a large, predatory creature capable of breathing powerful jets of blue fire, although its preferred method of hunting is through ambush, using its crystal-covered, rock-like hide for camouflage.


In its first encounter, it will kill any character that jumps over the spike pit in front of it with its fire breath (The Knight can use his ability to survive, but will be unable to pass, the flames gradually pushing him away). At this point, it must be removed by throwing a hot dog into the spike pit, waking it with a bell, and catching it with a large grabbing claw. Leaving it dangling by the tail, it later reappears quite suddenly in the Zoo area, it will appear, grab the nearest character, and carry them off to its lair, during which point they will be temporarily unavailable (Presumed dead). It perishes when lured onto a crumbling bridge, either plummeting to its death, or slain in an awe-inspiring battle to the death with The Hunter.


  • According to The Cave, is the last surviving member of an ancient species.
  • According to The Hunter, its favourite food source are hot dogs. Which makes sense, considering the lack of natural life in The Cave.
  • Is female, according to The Hunter.
  • Has a distinctive screech, which is used to lure The Hunter away from an OMDOG vending machine.
  • It appears to have a habit of storing certain types of food (eg. Unlucky spelunkers) to eat later.