“She is hot on the trail of her lost companions and an ancient treasure of unequalled value. But not necessarily in that order.” — The Cave

The Adventurer is a playable character in The Cave.
The Adventurer-360

Respect for the dead? Pffft.

Ability Edit

The Adventurer's special ability is the use of her Grappling Hook, which allows her to traverse long, dangerous gaps or scale heights that are otherwise impassable - Although this ability is strictly limited to areas with available grappling points.

Backstory Edit

Part of a team of three successful, famous and skilled treasure hunters, the Adventurer was talented, but arrogant, always taking all the credit for their finds, even when her co-workers had done much of the hard work. Fed up with her behaviour, her partners banish her from the team during an expedition. Embittered, she sets out to take her revenge by sabotaging their expedition, using dynamite and poisonous snakes to turn an already-hazardous tomb into a viable deathtrap. Hiding in the shadows, she waits for her former partners to stand in the perfect position for her to dispense a particularly grisly form of payback. Depending on how the player completes her journey through The Cave, The Adventurer's scheme will reach a different conclusion.

Corruption: After a perfectly timed explosion, she annihilates her former team and claims all the glory of their discovery for herself, no one realising the truth behind their 'accidental' deaths.

Redemption: Having a change of heart, she stops her former team mates before they can set off any of the deadly traps she's placed. Welcomed back into the team as an equal, she becomes content to share the spotlight.


  • The Adventurer's Object of Desire is a miniature version of the Sarcophagus, representing her greed for fame and fortune at the cost of others.
  • The Adventurer weighs 142.
  • She is the only character in the corruption ending (aside from the HillBilly) who actually has a happy ending even when she does the evil way unlike everyone else who suffers extreme consequences after their evil.

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