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• 3/2/2013

What do you think: Who is The Clerk?

I think, he might be... the devil. Also did you notice, that the atmosphere is quite a bit sinister when returning to the 2nd "trinkets mission" near the end of the game. And the huge lava falls? Or am I going to far in my interpretation? The soundscape is quite dark also. And we see insects all over the area. That is often done to imply something "evil". We do see these insects e.g. in some other places, but in places that are old, like in one corridor in the Monk's temple. And they fit the scenery.

But in the 2nd run through the "trinkets mission" of the game those insects/bugs (don't know the right word, sorry, no native English speaker) they are *everywhere*. This is a stylistic approach that is also done e.g. in "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" when the Hobbits hide from the dark riders under a tree's root. And when the dark riders approach we see all these insects bugs coming up from the earth.

And the gift shop's clerk is a deceiver. He once says "taking something someone else desires the most was stroke of genius." Pretty evil, don't you think?

So, what do you think about my theory? I started thinking about it, as I watched the Double Fine Fanclub chat with Ron Gilbert. [via:] Search for:  "Grumpygamer: Ask yourself this: Who is The Clerk?"

I tried to ask Ron Gilbert on twitter about this, but haven't got a reply. Maybe it would be a spoiler.

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• 3/2/2013

Also interesting a theory about the "7 deadly sins". Featured on the games facbook page:

The Cave's writing is simply great and I found the game morally challenging. Gilbert is still on top of the game.

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